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3 Tips to achieving success in employment

Posted by Patrick Manyanza on Aug 8 2013

For the most part, a lot of people often spend quite a huge percentage of their lives in employment. As you know, time is the most valuable commodity that, ironically, is available to every one. To the extent employment results into personal success depends on the way we look at employment and what we put into employment time both in terms of quality and quantity. We have the ability to control much of the success from employment. Here are a couple of tips that could help you change the way you look at employment and open the door to personal success through employment.

Tip # 1: Take personal responsibility

See your job as an important business that you own. In other words instead of simply coming to work every day, see yourself coming to your personal business that is focused on providing the highest value to its intended customers. This will drive you to think of better and more efficient ways to do your job. Taking personal responsibility therefore makes you realize what you have to do to improve your "personal business" in terms of investment, growth and customer satisfaction.

Tip # 2: Think from the end

It's important to have both a short term vision and a long term vision in employment. You have to identify early on how long you intend to work for your current organization, what value you intend to add and how the experience there will contribute towards your personal and professional development. Your vision will guide you and aid you in identifying the right actions and doing them right.

Tip # 3: Focus on excellence

When you focus on doing everything with excellence, you naturally become a better performer. Better performance always opens doors within your current organization or the next. Purposely performing with excellence will always bring out the best in you and increasingly attract higher rewards.

Success in employment is, therefore, not only about taking certain actions, but it's about taking actions in a certain way. Have you identified your certain way?

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