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Living a driven life

Posted by Patrick Manyanza on Oct 22 2013

The concept behind living a driven life simply refers to living life more fully. Often people live lives of quiet desperation but living a driven life means living a life filled with enthusiasm, excitement and meaning. One of the risks of not living a driven life is that it drives people to live in state of weltschmerz whereby they dwell on what could be without implementing any of the necessary action steps.

Now assuming that you have both a clear purpose and goals that you are working towards, here are 3 ideas to jumpstart your life put it on the driven course:

  1. Focus on controlling you: The fact is you cannot control everything in life, but you can control yourself. Controlling yourself sets you up to living proactively rather than reactively and this enables you to live a much more meaningful life which ultimately makes you feel good about yourself. Now to succeed with self-control, you must do the one thing that has ever helped anyone design a different destiny: "consciously choose a new self-image and fight to bring it into existence by consistently aligning your thoughts and behaviors to it."
  2. Avoid the negatives: Your self-image plays a huge part when it comes to self-control. To therefore develop a strong self-image, it's important to better guard the information you consume. You will most certainly be well served when you dramatically decrease the time you spend watching TV, listening to pointless radio and music. You see the thing is all that information you are consuming consciously and unconsciously is creating unnecessary stress and unease in your life. Cutting down your exposure to negative people is just as important as decreasing your exposure to negative media.
  3. Give your best in all you do: When you give your best in what you do, you are able to do it with much more enthusiasm and excitement; you are also able to exert your strongest self. It's important to do what's valuable because it will give you a sense of contribution to the world. Most people think in order to make a contribution to the world they have to give something specific rather than giving their best selves. Thus, too many people don't recognize the fact that simply being their best selves is a significant act of contributing to the world.

What 2 action steps can you implement today to live a much more driven life?

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