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Posted by Patrick Manyanza on Aug 13 2014

Reading different books and listening to various podcasts on entrepreneurship and personal development is something I enjoy doing often. The information I get from these sources greatly aids me in expanding my thinking and it also continuously serves as a reminder that life is full of many possibilities if one is willing to put forth the work.

One podcast I particularly like is "Entrepreneur on Fire" hosted by John Lee Dumas, which can easily be found on iTunes. His whole podcast is based on interviewing successful entrepreneurs who have and are continuing to make a significant impact in the world. I have noticed two practices that have been very consistent amongst successful entrepreneurs in the 50 or so episodes that I have listened to. As you will see shortly, these two practices or qualities will greatly aid any person who wants to be successful in any endeavor.

These entrepreneurs had a basic idea of what they wanted to accomplish, surprisingly in most cases, it wasn't so clear but they started fast and they stayed focused. The two key words I want to bring to your attention here is start and focus. I think for most people, starting is the easy part but staying focused is the difficult part. Most of the magic lies in the person's ability to focus and be consistent. When you focus and consistently work towards what you want, life will take on a whole new meaning, you will begin to see things that you couldn't see before and you will find yourself in the midst of new created advantages and opportunities. Whether you want to succeed in the corporate world, in business, as an athlete or any other arena, you will be very well served in starting and then deciding to focus on the daily disciplines.

Unfortunately focus cannot be bought in a shop, it comes from within you and I believe that it stems from first knowing who you are, knowing that you matter and knowing that you have gifts and talents that need to be contributed to the world. I think one of the reasons why most people fail to focus consistently is because the process does not bring tangible results fast enough. I certainly had a challenge with this in the past, but I realized that on the road to success everyone has to pass through "Focus and Hard-work Boulevard." There are no short cuts so I decided to embrace the process and I can say that I am way better than I used to be. So at this juncture, wherever you are on your journey, I invite you to join me in trusting, embracing and applying the process.

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